Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can Participate?

Anyone can participate.

Can I participate more than once/more than in one month

Yes, you can.

Will the books be provided to me by the organization?

No, you have to buy your own book. The books in our list are world class and most of them are not available for free for which we cannot provide you any content of it. Moreover, purchasing the copy will help you increase your personal book collection and let you keep the knowledge forever.

Do i need to register every month or is the one time registration enough?

Anyone who have registered once will be allowed to participate in the competition in the subsequent months.

Can anyone who missed the first month register now for the competition?

Any one who missed the earlier contests can register at any stage and participate.

When will the test be held?

The test will be held at the end of every month.

How will I sit for the test?

You can appear for the test online using a cell phone/desktop/laptop. (Please read the Rules & Regulation segment).

Can I read more books than the one assigned each month for competition?

Yes, you sure can. We have provided an exciting list of books which you can read whenever you want and we will keep on updating the book list.

Will I get mails regarding the book announcements and test dates or do I need to keep an eye out for it in daily mail?

All instructions regarding new books and test dates will be sent via email to registered participants